Among Us Game Online Play for Free

Probably every gamer has heard about this cool game where you can become either a good guy trying to survive, or an evil imposter whose only aim is to destroy all the peacefully walking crew members. It’s time to immerse yourself into this exciting atmosphere on this site!

Who is your character?

You play a small cartoon dude in a spacesuit who is stuck in a certain place. Every player has his own color, so you will always find your friend in a group of these little astronauts. You start the game in a lobby, and after waiting for all users to join, you receive a role.

Most of the group are crew mates. Their aim is to complete all tasks and make all the systems work. But you can become an engineer who has some unique benefits. He is able to move through ventilation, which is helpful in the process of finding an imposter. Another new role Among Us developers added to the walkthrough is a scientist. He can watch every person’s heart beat to help identify the enemy.

And another part of the players is a team of imposters. In this game version they also have a shapeshifter whose main ability is to transform into another character for a certain period of time. So we meet all the characters, what’s next?

Start to play!

If you still don’t know how to play, it’s not a huge surprise. Because innersloth released a bunch of updates with new mechanics and characters. So, when you receive your role, you need to quickly analyze the situation and start completing your mission. If you are a peaceful crew mate, begin to complete various tasks to fix the system.

All the tasks are separated into four groups. Use your card, write the right code, fix the cables and insert the key. Common ones help you discover who is an imposter. All the crew members have the opportunity to complete them, while the enemy didn’t receive this possibility.

And while you complete visible tasks, other people can see it. Meanwhile, the evil team arranges sabotages and kills all the peaceful members. They can move by the vents, destroy other personages and turn off lights and other systems.

Locations and additional content

The Skeld is the basic location where you need to fix the systems to fly back to your home. Polus is the map that is located on another planet. And developers added a bunch of other maps too. Every map has different locations like kitchen, main room, laboratories, and other rooms with various mechanisms, furniture and decorations. Explore every room to find the tasks and vents.

The main room always has a red button. When you press this button, the discussion begins. Also, you have the opportunity to dress your character in cool costumes and add stylish or hilarious accessories. Visit the store and pick the one you want. And with the funny accessories your personages will look like in popular memes.

You probably saw a bunch of different videos about this product in real life and walkthroughs. And after these videos you totally wanted to play it. So use this opportunity and press the start button on this site!