Airship Map Among Us Game Play Online Free

If you are a fan of Among Us and Henry Stickmin, you totally wanted to try this new location developers added in the update. Well, use this opportunity and test it on this site!

Here your main aim depends on what role you received. If you are an average crew mate, complete different tasks, try to fix the systems and survive till the mission is done. Engineers also need to explore the ventilation to find impostors.

While scientists monitor the heart beat of all the members. The impostor team wants to destroy the entire crew. They have sharp teeth, destructive weapons and different abilities. Average criminals can move by a vent, cause sabotage and kill members. And shapeshifters are able to become another player!

While the crew members are completing their tasks, the team of impostors goes hunting. To figure out who is the real bad guy, watch every person around you and notice all suspicious actions. If the body is reported, or someone pressed the red button, discuss the suspicions in the group chat and decide who you want to eliminate.

The rules are simple, but what will you do when the lights turn off? Explore all the rooms in the new Airship Map and invite your friends to enjoy exciting rounds together!

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