Among Us VR Game Play Online Free

Right now you have the opportunity to take part in the famous challenge. Everything here is like in the original, only now much closer. Yes, you think right! Right before your eyes, things will happen that will surprise you. Board the spaceship and get started!

This is a multiplayer mode in which 4 to 10 people can be at the same time. Try it with your friends and find out who lies the best. There may be one or more impostors on the territory. Understand who is who before they kill you! Each character will perform tasks or just pretend.

With the help of deduction and sometimes intuition, guess who creates the appearance of work. Team up to make it easier to investigate. With the help of chat, players can exchange thoughts and guesses. Whose role will fall exactly to you is unknown, so be prepared not to show it! In addition, you can customize the color and hat of the hero!

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