FNF Among Us Game Play Online Free

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Want to spend time having fun with other gamers in real life? Or you want to invite your friends? Then, welcome to this FNF Among Us version!

Depending on what role you received, you need to complete a certain set of tasks. If you are a part of a crew, your main aim is to complete all your tasks and fill the common line to fix the systems and return home.

Meanwhile, another part of your team is cruel imposters with only intention to destroy every peaceful member. And all events take place in one of the huge well-detailed maps with lots of different locations and tasks. So how can you win in this situation?

Your mission as a crew member is to identify the imposter and eliminate him. That’s why you need to collect evidence and walk carefully. For all the discussions you have a red button. Communicate in group chat and discuss who is more suspicious.

When the dead body is found, you can chat too and decide who will be eliminated this time. The cruel criminals will turn off lights and communication systems, so the walkthrough can become more difficult.

Let’s think which team will make it to the final and win. Find what’s new in this cool friday night funkin version and enjoy your pastime with other players!