Game Play Online Free

Don’t let this cute cartoon world fool you. Here every person can be a cruel villain, and your main aim is to identify him and eliminate.

You spawn in a huge location full of different rooms and tasks. The tasks are mainly for peaceful crew members. Their aim is to complete all the missions they have in the corner of their screen and fill the line of the common goal.

They fix different systems, analyze information and try to return home quicker. Meanwhile, the team of cruel pretenders try to destroy the entire crew and become the owners of this place. They look like average members, but in reality they are frightening monsters.

How can you identify these scary creatures? During the game you collect evidence and then discuss them in the group chat. Report dead bodies and eliminate the most suspicious player in the group. They will try to accuse a peaceful citizen, so sometimes it’s better to wait and watch them in the next round.

Enemies have sabotage in their arsenal, so they can turn off different systems to make your walkthrough more difficult. And nobody took their ability to move by vents. Don’t think that crew members were left without useful powers. Press the start button and discover them!

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