Minecraft Among Us Game Play Online Free

Among Us is a perfect product for a group of friends who want to spend time having fun and solve different mysteries. Because here you will play not just in the average mafia, but in an exciting version with space ships, astronauts and spooky monsters.

So your main aim depends on the role you get. If you are an average astronaut, your main mission is to find the cruel impostor and throw him away from the ship. They also need to complete different important tasks that help fix all broken systems and move forward to the end of their adventure.

While the evil impostors try to destroy the entire crew and get the ship or another building for themselves. And they need to complete this aim before crew members finish their tasks and go home.

What tasks are waiting for the crew mates? The short tasks require one simple action from one person – to place the cables in right holes, scan yourself in a special machine and write the correct password from the special box.

Long missions can be completed only by doing a couple actions and spending more time. But what is the main danger? These evil criminals don’t sleep. They wander this building searching for poor victims. They pretend that they are doing the missions too to not be suspicious.

Causing sabotage and killing crew members are their only opportunities. But they are able to move by vents to run away or find new victims. They turn off the lights, communication system and other necessary machines to cause sabotage. When they have a chance, they can kill a person and run away or report a body.

After reporting a body, a person that found it or other people tell the group about suspicious teammates. And by discussing and accusing everyone you are able to identify the real impostor and drive him away. This way you will win the game and receive a reward.

If you want to tell something to your teammates, you have the opportunity to press the red button in the main room and communicate in the group chat.

A bunch of new cool updates are waiting for you in this Among Us version. Developers added new roles and maps, pleased players with stylish and funny costumes and accessories and improved the mechanics. So go and test it right now!

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