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You thought that football and cars are incompatible? Well, you were totally wrong, and the developers of this exciting game will prove you that!

The match will take place on a huge field with a big dome and gates. The main difficulty is that your football player is a small vehicle, and the balls are much bigger than your tiny auto. It is difficult to pass balls as a human, so what to say about doing it as a car.

And you need to score a goal and win the match to receive a reward. But the process is still interesting and exciting. Because every round is hilarious and dynamic. So let’s begin from your first round with other users on the field.

By controlling this auto, you are able to do various tricks and even ride on the roof. You need to do everything to reach the ball and score a goal. It’s not an easy mission to throw the ball into the gates. And your opponents will protect their gates and try to beat you.

After a couple of victories, you can visit a store and purchase various improvements and even new models of the cars. Test your new purchase on the field and try to win more skilled opponents. So what are you waiting for? The first dynamic match with all these people and their little autos is starting right now!

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