Super Mario 3D All-Stars Game Play Online Free

If you are a fan of this series, you will totally love this version. Developers heard fans and added three different parts in one game, so now you are able to enjoy these interesting stories.

So the main hero is this familiar plumber. He is one of the most popular characters in the gamers community. He is wandering the colorful 2D world trying to complete his mission and reach the final.

His main weapon is his jumps, because all the enemies can be destroyed by hitting them on their head. Try different tricks, explore secret locations with this personage and collect all the points you see on the way.

The first story is about the poor princess who was kidnapped by a huge scary creature. Our brave plumber immediately began to search for this girl and collect the stars that this monster stole too. Sometimes you meet various doors where your worst enemy is waiting to beat you.

In the end you will battle in a final fight to release this girl and drink delicious tea together. The second round takes place at a beautiful resort in the tropics. And the plot here is developing while you complete various tasks. Where will be your next adventure? And what missions are prepared for you? Let’s discover it on this site!

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