Red Imposter Among Us Game Play Online Free

What to do if you are in a company where a couple of people are cruel pretenders? Continue to complete your tasks and trust nobody! And hope that you will survive till you get home.

The game starts from the lobby. You need to wait till the team assembles. Meanwhile, you are able to know your teammates better and pick a color. All characters are small astronauts in different colors and with various funny accessories and costumes.

When the time comes, you receive a role, and the round begins. You can become an average crew mate with a bunch of interesting tasks or an evil villain with a secret mission to destroy every player and steal the ship. And both groups have secret weapons and cool abilities.

The peaceful citizens need to complete various missions like do a check up of the systems, fix cables, turn on lights and slide a card. The enemies try to kill members without being noticed. When the dead body is found, you need to report it and discuss the situation in a group chat.

Tell your suspicions and listen to other people, vote and throw away the person you think is a real Red Imposter. Crew will win when they survive and throw away all uninvited guests. And don’t forget to complete important tasks to fix the systems and get home.

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