Genshin Impact Game Play Online Free

If you were searching for the new rpg with lots of cool characters and dynamic fighting, you are at the right address. Because that’s exactly what is waiting for you in Genshin Impact.

You are able to go by a plot and discover an interesting story about a little girl who is searching for her brother. During the walkthrough you will travel to beautiful locations. Old castles and huge mountains, wild forests and other cool places are on your way.

And many cool characters are waiting for you to guide you on your difficult path and become your friends. But you came here not to watch the views, but to fight and complete your important mission. And the first quest is starting right now!

During your adventure you meet various evil creatures and animals. You need to use all your powers to defeat them. In the end of your fights you will receive a reward. And you can collect useful items by exploring the locations and opening chests.

You have a bunch of different characters with their own abilities. You have the opportunity to unlock them and change their costumes. And every time you don’t know what personage will unlock. Learn how to battle, improve your hero’s powers and enjoy your pastime on this site!

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